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Different Types of Umbrellas

In a country that receives less than average rainfall, everyone looks forward to the monsoon. It is no wonder then that rains are seen as an occurrence of the divine in India. It provides water to the crops and refills the water bodies, allowing the ecosystem to survive. But in modern times, monsoon can be a hindrance. Some unpleasant consequences may include getting stuck on your way to an important meeting, and reaching office completely soaked. Rain can simply ruin your day. It is always a good idea to carry an umbrella with you at all times during the rainy season. Not only does it protect you from heavy downpour but it also serves as a shield against the sun. Nowadays, you can easily compare and buy umbrella online from the comfort of your home.

Rediff Shopping provides you a wide range of umbrellas in different colours and designs. We offer quality products at a fraction of the cost. You can use them in all seasons.

Set of 3: You can get a set of three items at discounted rates. Each one is made of good nylon and can be folded twice into a compact form. The steel frame will hold your umbrella together even in the harshest of climatic conditions. Your family’s monsoon shopping can be completed with just one purchase. You can order this set of umbrellas online with just a few clicks.

Classic long style: Remember your Grandfather’s old umbrella? You can put your hands on a similar thing, only on Rediff Shopping. The classic long style item comes with a strong steel shaft with fiberglass ribs that would not let you down even during heavy downpours. The nylon fabric is stain and mildew resistant; and it quickly dries up. It features easy automatic opening, meaning that you can bid farewell to those clumsy moments in the rain.

Combo offers: Do you think that your umbrella is cramping your style? Now grab a combo deal that offers a sunglass and an umbrella in the same colour. Matching the colour of your dresses with that of your accessories would help you improve your style, and make you look smarter. Men can opt for dark colours like black, while women can go for lighter colours.

Just for Kids: You will find a number of items for kids. If your child is a fan of Angry Birds, you can get an umbrella that is themed after the game. You can also get one that resembles the head of a cat!

Wear it like a hat: Your child could be tired of holding the umbrella. Don’t worry; we have an easy solution for you. Consider getting your kid a handless umbrella that can be worn like a hat. The head band can be adjusted to fit your child’s head comfortably. Your kid can run through the rain without a care in the world. Order this adorable umbrella online for your child.

Table with umbrella: Maybe you want to have a tea party or a barbecue out in the backyard, but the sun is a party pooper. You can simply choose a portable folding picnic table with an umbrella. The sun will no longer dictate terms in your own backyard.

 Rainbow umbrella: True to its name, this item has 16 colours, including all the variations of red, blue, green and yellow. Simply get this awesome umbrella online, and step out of home in style.


At Rediff Shopping, we offer all these products at discounted rates. So, do not waste a minute more! Take your pick from our huge collection and get the chosen product delivered to your doorstep.

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