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  • Delivery in 7 working days [within India]
Similar Products
  • Delivery in 7 working days [within India]

Whether it is the food you eat or the lunch box you carry it in, it's a great idea to 'make it light'! With the theme of 'making it light', Tupperware India has brought fresh food and convenience to every home in India.

Did you know that Tupperware India offers a lifetime guarantee on its products? So, unless you put them on the fire to cook something or accidentally drive over them, these kitchen accessories are unlikely to break or get spoiled in a hurry! That's not all - You may even get a free surprise gift, along with your purchase!

Rediff Shopping brings to you a range of Tupperware items that are available in various shapes, sizes and colours. If quality matters to you, simply click through the collection of kitchen ware to find what you need. Once you've made your choice, you have easy payment methods, including cash on delivery, to purchase the products. So, you just click away from the comfort of your home, and the kitchen accessories will be at your doorstep within a few days.

Fridge Smart Boxes: Store cut fruit or cooked vegetables in these boxes. Get the jumbo size for the maximum storage space. It has an ACE (atmosphere controlled environment) system, which creates the perfect environment for food to stay fresh for longer. The base is transparent, so you can check what is stored without having to open the lid.

Multi-Keeper: Tupperware's multi-keeper is great for bulk storage. You can store biscuits, grains, rice or flour. This airtight box will prevent the food from getting spoilt and will protect your grains or flour from being attacked by insects. So, now you can lock in freshness for several days. Moreover, this box is breakage resistant and will not give way unless subjected to extremely harsh conditions.

Lunch Box: Whether you want a tiffin box for your kid or are looking for an executive lunch box set for yourself, Tupperware has it all. Made of food grade plastic and airtight lids, these lunch boxes will keep the flavour in, while preventing any part of the food from leaking out. Challenge the lunch box by packing in curry, curd, pickle or even soup! The executive lunch box comes with a stylish bag.

Water Bottles: You can store water or juice in the refrigerator in these water bottles. They come in bright colours and you can even get a set with different colours. They are leakage proof. The 500ml bottles are perfect because they store adequate water while not becoming too heavy to carry around.

Crystal Tray: Yes, Tupperware makes trays too! You can get a stylish, transparent tray with an anti-slip design.

Bowls with Lids: You can get a set of bowls with lids to store or carry food. Even if you are carrying something liquid, like a curry or even daal, you will not have to deal with leakages. Imagine reaching office only to find that your diary is soiled with the oil of the pickle you carried! These bowls with lids are a permanent solution to that problem. These are a very convenient size and shape and can be stored easily in all refrigerators.

Smart Chopper: Now you can chop anything with ease. From onions to coriander leaves, chopping is no longer painful or time consuming. The chopper occupies very little space your in kitchen, but works wonders to get finely chopped vegetables. The colourful, yet transparent base allows you to see whether the chopping has been done completely. The blades are of superior quality and the body as well as the cap is made of safe, non-toxic material.

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