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Snuggling into a warm sleeping bag after a day-long hike; or, a bike ride along the rugged plains is one of the wonderful pleasures of touring. Knowing that you will be settling down for a comfortable slumber is one of the most important criteria for choosing a nap pack. An equally memorable experience is lying sleepless and freezing, simply because your bag did not stand the weather conditions or was too small. Also, you cannot be lugging around a bulky one, just because it keeps you warm.

Rediff Shopping brings the option of choosing between various sleeping bags, ranging from bold colours, different styles and different fabrics. They have something that will suit every need, right from hiking to baby sleeper sacks. So go right ahead and look through the wide selection for the perfect one. The reputed site ensures that the quality will never be compromised. Once you have made your choice, there are easy payment options, including cash on delivery. The online payment gateway is also secure if you decide to use your credit cards, debit cards or net banking options.

Heed the Seasons: Sleeping bags come with a warmth or temperature rating, so the first thing that you need to look for is something that will match your destination. While touring in the summer, pick a light one. Nonetheless pay heed to the cool summer winds that blow over at night. Also, summer is a time that you might want to visit cool mountain areas, so keep that in mind. Get a bag that is equipped to combat temperatures a few degrees lowers than what you might ideally expect. You can even carry insulation sheets, if you decide to carry light "nappers".

For winter and autumn touring, especially in the north of India along the Himalayan foothills, you need something that is rated below sub-zero. If it gets too warm, you can always spread open the thick sack and cover yourself with a light shawl. It is always easier to deal with warm weather rather than battling cold nights.

Temperature Rating: Remember that the temperate rating given takes into a number of assumptions like, the fact that you are not camping under the stars and are in a shelter like a tent or hut; that you are not a cold sleeper by nature and you intent to keep warm; and that you use an extra insulation mat as a base. If one of these does not tally with your needs, compensate by choosing to wear extra clothing or by picking another bag.

Fitting: Sleeping bags come in two shapes, either they are rectangular or they are "mummy-shaped", meaning tapering at the feet. While the latter can be cosy, some might find it to restrictive; these are usually sleepers who sleep on their side rather than on their back. Also, they do come in different sizes; there are baby, kids and adult sizes.

Packed size: You do not want to be lugging something so heavy and bulky, especially on hikes and road trips. You should be able to easily strap it to the back of your bike or the top of your bag pack. If you are travelling by car, it is another issue all together. So make sure you have the right space for what sleeping bag you decide to buy.

With so many options to choose from, including travelling bags, travelling sleeping bags and more what are you waiting for? Shopping can't get easier than this. Our prices are extremely affordable and we have a lot of combo offers and exciting discounts, including free shipping. Look at the description while choosing, it will give you a brief product description to help you choose. Also, the pictures will give you a rough idea as to how the product is shaped and sized. So, start shopping NOW!

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