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The world is moving at a fast pace and so are we! The competitive work environment has led to long and hectic hours of work schedules. Constantly sitting in front of the computer for hours and in an incorrect posture can cause various kinds of aches and pains. Your neck aches, headaches, backaches and foot aches can hamper your performance. But a comforting and relaxing massage could probably do the trick. Not just that! Body massage increases blood circulation which brings added glow to your skin. If you miss out on a massage because you can’t visit a spa, as you are too pressed for time, then a body massage equipment is all that you need.

Rediff Shopping brings a wide range of massagers from brands like Aquafit, Fitz, Baspo, K & N Filters, Nova and Palmers. From handheld body massagers to acupressure massage slippers, you will get all that and much more. Rejuvenate at your home or office within a few minutes with these body massage gadgets.

Leg Foot Calf Massager: Are you fed up of your leg aches? With these leg massagers, you can enjoy a complete leg massage within minutes. The vibration massage technique helps the blood circulation to improve, which alleviates weariness with ease. These contain several groups of air bags to massage the soles to the calves and the pressure can be regulated from high to low. These massagers are adjustable up to 70 degrees backward, which gives you the freedom to choose an angle for your leg massage that you find the best.

Electric Massage Mat: Relax your whole body with the full body massager bed mattresses. These massagers, with their heat and vibration technique, relieve full body pain while promoting blood circulation.

Full Body Slimmer Hand Held Massager: What if you could lose inches while your body relaxes? With the slimmer handheld massagers, you can even tighten your abdomen, trim your waist and reduce cellulite while you massage your body. These handheld body rollers can be used over the legs, thighs, arms, abdomen and buttocks.

Acupressure Massage Slippers: These massage slippers not just massage your foot sole, but also have powerful magnets for extra reflexology at certain points, providing even more holistic health benefits. At the acupressure points, the nerve endings are stimulated, which helps eliminate retained water and toxins. These massage slippers are available in various sizes.

Face Massager: With different adjustable heads, a face massager can be used for a head massage, face massage and joint massage. The head with sponge on top is used for gently massaging your face, removing dead skin and bringing glow to your face. You can get relief from nagging headaches with the head massager, as it also helps improve your blood circulation.

Vibrating Eye Massager: Imitating the human finger massage, these eye massagers release eye fatigue and ease eyestrain and eye muscle tension. Relax your eyes after long hours of work in front of the computer. These massagers also prevent myopia and alleviate dark circles and eye pouches. These are the perfect choice for people suffering from insomnia.

Hair Brush Head Massager: The hair massager brushes can help improve the health of your hair and also make it grow at a faster pace. They increase blood circulation of the scalp and prevent loss of hair. The contoured points present on the back of the brush can be used for massaging the neck and other areas of the body.

Check out the great deals and discounts at Rediff Shopping. You can even opt for Every Month Installments for three to six months. So get a massager today and relieve all your pains in the comfort of your home.

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