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Rediff Shop & Gift > Health & Fitness > Health Supplements > Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Buy Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops online
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops
Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops

Buy Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops online

Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops

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SIDDHIDATRI MULTI TRADE ENTERPRISERS, Bhubaneswar has been on rediff shopping since 2016 with product in multiple categories like Health Supplements,

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Product Description 
Product Features
Siddhidatri multi trade enterprisershas come up with a unique product named as anti aging drops that is 100% natural product that may help to reduce appearance of wrinkles, revitalize your skin, diminish darkening under eyes, stimulate renewal of skin cells, improve skins firmness and elasticity, and protect skin from future signs of aging. it has been formulated and designed by siddhidatri multi trade enterprisers, an iso 9001:2008 certified company in partner with hawaiian herbals located in hawaii, usa. this is a halal and kosher certified product produced under international gmp regulations.
Ingredients: this unique product is comprised of oriental ginseng, rehmania root, siberian solomon seal rhizome, broomrape herb, lycium berries, astragulas root, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, calendula officinals, dacus carota, ocimum sanctrum, rubia cardifolia, pistacia integerrima and triticum sativum. oriental ginseng contains potent antioxidants, protects the cells .it boosts the immune system. it reduces degeneration of cells. it improves concentration and learning .it is used in erectile dysfunction .it is used to treat cancer, heart disease, fatigue, hepatitis c, high blood pressure and menopausal symptoms .it enhances energy, stamina, athletic performance, memory .rehmania root is used for diabetes, anemia, fever, and allergies.it is used as a general tonic.it strengthens the immune system.siberian solomon seal rhizome contains potent antioxidants, prevents from free radicals damage. it helps in detoxification of body. it slows down ageing process. it improves blood circulation. it strengthens the immune system functioning. lycium berries isa powerful antioxidant and anti aging agent. it stimulates the immune system. it helps to prevent cancer, heart, vision, skin and autoimmune diseases and diabetes. it improves digestion, helps in weight loss. it reduces sleep, anxiety and stress. it can detoxify the body. astragulas root asparagus is a good source of dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin b6, and several minerals which improves skin elasticity and prevents premature aging. it is also used to treat urinary tract infections and other conditions of the urinary tract that cause pain and swelling. aloe vera gel contains vitamin c, which is strong antioxidant. it enhances energy, blood circulation, immune system. it hydrates and soothes the skin, and promotes skin renewal .it reduces skin irritations, wrinkles from face and protects skin from future signs aging. it improves vision and diminishes darkening under eyes. it improves the skin elasticity. thus it refreshes the skin and makes it vibrant and young looking. tea tree oil it contains antioxidants that help protect the cells from free radical damage ,it reduces premature aging of cells,it improves blood circulation,it helps in detoxification of body,it is used to improve mental alertness and thinking ,it increases the rate of metabolism, used for weight loss ,calendula officinals it repairs the tissues, accelerates wound healing.it acts as rejuvenator,it reduces inflammation .dacuscarota it is also used as a nerve tonic and to increase sexual arousal ,it is used for the treatment of heart disease, cancer, kidney problems, and worm infestations. ocimumsanctrum it acts as an adaptogen. it acts as an antioxidant, prevents from premature aging. Pistaciaintegerrima it helps in detoxification of body,it slows down ageing process.it improves blood circulation

directions for use
take 10 drops twice daily on an empt"""


Width: 5.0   Height: 10.0   Depth: 5.0   (in cm)
In the Box
1 bottle contain 30 ml drops
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Manufacturer, Importer and Packer Info

Country of Origin: India

Product: Hawaiian Herbal Anti Aging Drops

Manufacturer Details:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Id
  • keva industries
  • Plot no. 18-19 Tibba Village, Sahnewal - Dehlon Rd, Sahnewal, Punjab 141120
  • padmanav97@gmail.com
Importer Details:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Id
  • NA
  • G/B-4-16 G.F. HI-TECH PLAZA, Madhipur, P.S. Airfield ,Kuha,Sundarpada-751002,Khurda, Orissa
Customer Care:
Bhumi,   Email: siddhidatrimultitrade@gmail.com   Contact No.: 7684075262