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Wireless technology that is synonymous with hands-free calling on cell phones is termed as Bluetooth. It is interesting to note that the name 'Bluetooth' is inspired by the Danish King Herald whose name in the native tongue was 'Blatand'. He worked towards the cause of a unified Scandinavian state. This is the reason that Jim Kardach, who was working on a technology that unites computer and cell phones, choose the anglicized version of 'Blatand', or Bluetooth, to refer the term 'unity'. Today, Bluetooth has traversed various media and has extended its applications manifold. These devices are easy to use and very convenient. It has a large range which is bifurcated into three classes; class 1 with maximum power of 100 milliwatts for 100 meter range, class 2 having 2.5 milliwatts and 10 meter of range and finally class 3 of 1 milliwatts having 5 meters of range. One of the key benefits of Bluetooth is that more than one device can be connected to the home unit.

You can easily get the best brands, products, quality at discounted prices under the unified umbrella of Rediff Shopping when you opt for a Bluetooth headset online. You can simply analyze your preference to listen your favorite audio through ear buds, ear pads or ear cups. You can pick from a ear hook versus headband fit, and can choose from compact, foldable headphones or larger, noise cancelling headphone models. These headphones can be easily used along with your tablets,
Smartphones and watch, or even as a spy camera. Just sort your preferences based on your budget and browse for Bluetooth headphones online from the comfort of your home and get your device delivered in a few days.

Here are some of the options available for those of you looking for a good Bluetooth headset online:

1.    Bluetooth stereo headphones:  This provides greater flexibility for music or phone calls.  Its function lets you connect the headset of other Bluetooth enabled devices, such as smartphones, iPhones, tablets or PCs.  It lets you stream music anywhere with outstanding sound quality and clarity. You can adjust the volume and skip tracks directly from the headset in an instant, by accessing the controls at your fingertips. With the built-in microphone, you can also chat with your friends while you are on the go.

2.    Bluetooth in the ear headset:  It offers multipoint connectivity and has answer, play/pause, call end key which can be conveniently used as and when required. It offers a talk time of approx 6 hours and produces crystal clear sound quality and is available at affordable prices.

3.    Mobile Bluetooth headset spy camera: It looks like an ordinary headset, but records exceptionally high quality video and photos discreetly. It is lightweight and is hidden inside a non-working Bluetooth headset. You can easily capture video or still photos when you are moving around.

4.    Dual Sim watch mobile phone with Bluetooth: If you love gizmos, this device is sure to give you a kick. It is a watch-based mobile phone, with dual sim, slide keypad touch, video recording, multiple language, Bluetooth enabled, digital camera and FM radio. The price, features and looks add on to its appeal and makes it an ideal gifting option as well.

So free up both your hands while talking or calling. Multi-tasking becomes so much easier with these gadgets. Use noise cancelling technology and filter 75% of background sounds and also get rid of the neck ache you may experience when holding your handset for extended time periods against one of your ears or cradled between your ear and neck. Just get your preferred Bluetooth headset online and enjoy the luxury of crystal clear and uninterrupted voice quality.

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