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Bean bag furniture is probably one of the most popular and comfortable forms of furniture. However, it needs to be fluffed over and again, which requires you to buy extra beans. As an alternative the bean-less bag, which give you the same trendy look, minus the extreme hassle of beans. They are available in various styles like chair, teardrop and lounge models, you can also find them in various colours, prints and patterns. Refilling them with air is very easy and comes at a very affordable rate, and you can even do it at home with an air-pump. It is a great way to make your living room comfortable. You can add a few cosy and vibrant pieces in the balcony, the study areas and the kids' room.

While looking for bean-less bags, you should not miss out on the variety of options available at Rediff Shopping. There is selection to choose from, so stop here and buy a good piece of these light and air-filled furniture and avail the excellent offers that are available on these products like, free shipping, discounts and cash on delivery services. You can also make credit and debit card payments that are done through secure payment gateways.

Activities and Theme: You can use it in any corner of the house. Plan where you want them placed and choose colours schemes that match the mood and shade of the room before you buy them. While you can choose dark or pastel shades for the living room, look for bright coloured ones for you balcony and choose bold patterns like football prints for your kids' room.

Materials: The feel of quality depends on the material used. Vinyl ones might feel sticky and uncomfortable after a while; choose ones that are made from leather, velvet, microfiber and other soft materials. If you want to go for vinyl ones, choose ones that are made using lead-free inks.

Air filling: The bean-less bags usually come a standard 60% of light filled air. While refilling, ensure that you fill in till the same capacity, you can go at most to about 65%, anything more than that will not only feel clumpy, there is also a risk of the outer material tearing. Do not try blowing air into the bag even it is of the smaller size. Although it is largely impractical to do so, the carbon-di-oxide we blow is heavier and it will not give a light feel. Pump air is the best, since it is lighter. When you are travelling or do not need it, you can easily deflate it and put it aside; later you can puff it up again using a handy pump. You can also purchase a home air re-filler kit and pump set to help you with this. This will allow you to carry in on picnics and camping trips.

Shape and Size: Pear shaped ones are more comfortable since it provides a back support owing to its shape. You can also get chair models that will give you a more constructed feel. Sizes like baby, L, XL, XXL and XXXL can be chosen from, depending on your requirements. While purchasing for your kids' room, pay heed to their growth spurt, they might out grown it soon, so it is better to buy from a bigger range.

Rediff Shopping is a reputed site from where you can get a range of these bean-less bags. You can view the description provided to learn more about the product and can look at the pictures to choose from the vibrant colours, models and patterns that are available. So start shopping now to avail exciting deals today!

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