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Watch, Play, Live with TV and Video Players

After a long and tiring day at work there is no better way to unwind than switching on the idiot box. The advent of hi-tech television sets and video players in various forms has changed the way we experience entertainment today. Not only youngsters, but the middle aged and the old are hooked to this new technology of LEDs, LCDs, DVD players, microphones etc. Whether you are a couch potato, gaming freak or a movie buff, these gadgets are your best mates. Rediff Shopping brings to you many discounted versions of these electronics, to upgrade your home entertainment.

TVs: Taking your audio-visual experience to the next level, we have brought together a plethora of options like LED, LCD, Plasma TVs as well as portable TVs. These can be easily installed at home, car, office or wherever one wants. Mounted on a wall or placed on a table, the portability option offers great convenience to the user. The high-end flat screen TVs now come with 3D technology that brings images to life. Some of the electronics available in this category are Samsung LCD, Sony Bravia, LG Television,etc.

TV Accessories: To enhance the experience of watching television and support new technology, shopping.rediff.com offers all the TV and Video accessories that boost the power of your television. Connect your TV with laptop or video player using USB or cables or get 3D glasses for your Plasma TV at the most affordable price range of Rs 300 - 700 only. You can also choose to pay through our Cash on Delivery offer.

Video Players: Gone are the days of VCR, when video cassettes used to create magic on screen. Nowadays hi-definition video players give an understanding on how we have shifted to a digital world. Attach the DVD player with your television or buy a portable DVD player which allows you to watch movies while travelling in car or any mode of transport. Apart from the ease of use, you can also load games and get various add-ons like a USB card slot or pen drive or Wi-Fi devices. These low cost video players fall in an affordable price range of Rs. 1500 - 3000.

Video Recorders and Accessories: Just buying a DVD player is not enough. It needs a host of add-ons to increase its power and visual experience. DVD recorder, lens cleaner and adaptor helps in maintaining and enhancing the video player within a price bracket of Rs. 200 - 1000. Moreover, great discounts and easy mode of payment has made the online purchase of these necessities quite convenient.
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