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There is so much variety in travel bags available these days - suitcase, cabin bags, tote bags, duffle bags, backpacks, garment case and an assortment of organizers like shoe organizer, travel pillow and travelling pouch. And this goes on to have further bifurcations in terms of different price ranges, styles, colours and features. Thus, it is a task to choose the one that suits you the best.

Based on your requirement, budget and taste, you can easily buy travel bags at Rediff Shopping. We feature a wide collection from brands like Armani and American Tourister that are offered in an assortment of styles and colours. Go through the complete description and compare bags before making your pick.

Consider your travelling pattern: If you are a frequent traveller and tend to check bags on planes or often carry electronics or fragile goods, then consider buying hard and sturdy travel bags. The only flip side of the hard sided luggage is its weight but then it's more durable and can take more abuse than fabric bags and can still protect your valuables perfectly. Just make sure you can lift and carry the baggage with ease. On the other hand, opt for soft-sided luggage and backpacks when you go for car travel and for carry-Ons, as such bags are lightweight, more flexible (i.e., can be squeezed into the overhead bins) and can be expanded. Just be sure to know the carry-on size restrictions, in advance, which may vary slightly by airline. Garment bags can be a choice if you are carrying dress clothing for special events.

Choose the material carefully: For long, people preferred leather travelling bags for its class and comfort but leather can be heavy, requires maintenance and can turn out to be mouldy in tropical and humid climates. Popular today are fabrics such as: ballistic nylon and Corduroy nylon. Both fabrics offer complete protection of the contents of your bag as they are resistant to sharp objects and usually have a water-proof seal. You can even go for hard-sided bags that are made of polycarbonate material that are light and durable. You can also consider bags with distinctive colours or patterns so you can quickly spot them in baggage-claim areas. Alternatively, you can customize your generic bags with coloured tape, peppy luggage tags or decals.

Examine the construction: Ensure that zippers have taped seams and the exterior seams are covered with leather, nylon piping or welts to reinforce them and to act as a shock- absorber. The seams should also be lock-stitched in which each stitch is locked, so that if one breaks, it won't unstitch the next and undo the seam. Be sure handles are attached with screws that are easy to repair as opposed to rivets. Checks that weather both the handles can be locked into one place and whether it has cross straps and centre straps to hold your garments in place and reduce the wrinkles. The hook you use to hang must be strong enough to hold its weight.

Pay attention to the comfort: Handles that has underside padding are a plus. Shoulder straps must be adjustable and must be made of wide, padded base where the strap rests on your shoulder comfortably and is toughened with box and cross-stitching for durability. Also ensure that it has four wheels, as four-wheel suitcases are sturdier and easier to roll and control than two-wheeled models. Make sure the wheels a have at least 2.5 inches in diameter, can spin at a 360 degrees and are spaced as wide apart as possible, and are recessed into the bag's frame for protection.

Check the warranties: Before you buy luggage, make sure the manufacturer covers some sort of warranty in sync with its price. It should have accidental damage cover or manufacturing defects warranty.

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