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"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them." ~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

One way to sensitize your child to the beauty of this world is to get them interested in astronomy. This is one hobby that has the ability to challenge a young mind at many levels, such as their observation skills, intellect and much more. In fact, this hobby can be an intriguing and rewarded way to spend quality time with your child. The advantage is that this is one hobby that doesn't need you to invest too much money or effort. All you need is a good telescope and time to spend to develop the interest.

At Rediff Shopping, we offer a range of telescopes for differing levels of experience and expertise as well as budgets. Our only suggestion would be to encourage this hobby in an older child, maybe those aged 9-10 years and above. They will not only find that what they observe relates to things they are currently learning in school but will also be old enough to appreciate the beauty of Saturn's rings and Jupiter's moons.

The basic thing to remember is that this is not a toy and that you need to spend time to help your child develop an interest in astronomy. You never know, you might just end up parenting the next famous astronaut!

There are different types of telescopes to choose from. For instance, the optical telescope can be used to observe any visible light in the night sky. You can get small ones that are perfect for beginners and amateurs, given that they are easy to use and very affordable. The only drawbacks with these are that they can only be used to view the sky at night and they cannot be used in bad or cloudy weather.

Scientists and other professionals use radio telescopes that are able to detect radio waves in space. These are usually too large and expensive to be used at home but they offer the advantage of use at any time of the day and with any type of weather, since radio waves do not get blocked under varying daytime and weather conditions.

The most famous telescope is probably the Hubble telescope, which is an optical one, located in space, just above the Earth. It helps scientists study various types of radiation and X-rays, infrared rays and gamma rays that are blocked by the Earth's atmosphere and cannot be studied unless an instrument is placed in orbit.

The easiest best option for a beginner is to look for optical telescopes online. It will open up a whole world of entertainment and learning, apart from offering a wonderful means of parent-child bonding. If you are looking to buy telescopes online, here are some things that you should keep in mind:

  • Pick one that is easy to use, light and portable.

  • Make sure it has a good focal length so that you can view more things in the sky. A minimum focal length of 100 mm is recommended for best results.

  • You can choose between devices that are handheld and those that are mounted on stands. In case you choose one with a stand, usually a tripod, make sure that it is both sturdy and lightweight so that even your child can move it.

  • There also are accessories that can slowly be added in stages to enhance the viewing experience.

We, at Rediff Shopping stock a variety of optical telescopes for varying preferences and budgets. We also have a range of accessories that you can check out. The best part is that in case you like an item that is beyond your budget for now, you can opt for EMI payments at 0% interest right here. So, don't forget to check whether the product you like comes with this option.

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