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Amazing Variety Of Women Skirts & Trousers Online Rediff Shopping

Women skirts have different types, names, shapes and styles. Some of them are long or short, wide or narrow in different designs and shapes depending on how you want the skirt to look at you. Some of the popular names of Skirts are: Gathered or Pleated full skirt, A- Line Skirt (shaped like the letter A), Circular Skirts (flare at the hem), Flared Skirts (fullness all around the hem), Wrap Skirts (legs are apart part, wrap around the waist and overlap at any side you want), Umbrella Skirts (many vertical seam lines or gores), Dirndle Skirt (little gathered and side seam pockets) and Gored Skirts (vertical seams or gores all the way to the hem from the waist).

Similarly there are many versions of Trousers for women. Some of the most popular styles include:

Cropped Trousers: These trousers are versatile and suit every body shape, can be worn in winter and summer as well. Tight cropped trousers can be paired well with satin or silk blouses for an alluring effect.

Chinos: The ideal for tropical climate and better alternative to jeans. Chinos (also called Khakis) with origins in the British military uniform of the soldiers posted in the 19th century, Punjab, are comfortable, flexible and lightweight. With a casual look in different styles, chinos go perfectly well with elegant tops.

Cargos: They are a must in every womans wardrobe. They have an effortless and relaxed casual look in two side pockets, and zippers at the ankles. Paired with a simple T-Shirt and low boots, cargos go extremely well for dinner parties with friends or an evening on the beach.

Dungarees: Although it was a garment mainly for pregnant women, many versions of dungaree are more and more visible on the catwalks. For a casual look, it can be paired with a zipped hooded sweatshirt or a plain T-Shirt. Dungarees paired with a blouse or a blazer or vest give a more sophisticated look.

Leather Trousers: Nowadays Leather Trousers are not a fashion for the rockers and bikers any more. Women are wearing them in evening parties with friends. Leather trousers can be accompanied by most unexpected materials.

Yoga Pants: Yoga Pants or sweat pants or casual pants made up of cotton usually skin-tight, perfect to wear at home or during workouts.

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