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Exclusive Collection of Everyday Shopping Bags For Women Online - Rediff Shoppping

History of Shopping Bags started in a small grocery store at St. Paul, Minnesota. There was a grocery store owner named Walter H. Deubner in Minnesota who by careful observations over a period of time noticed that his customers purchases were limited by what they can conveniently carry. So he decided to find a way so that he can help his customers to buy more from him at one time. It took him four years to arrive at the right solution. He invented an inexpensive prefabricated package that was easy to use and strong enough to carry up to seventy five pound worth of groceries at a time. His prefabricated package consisted of a paper bag with cord running through it for strength. He named his invention Deubner Shopping Bag, and sold it for five cents. He patented this product within three years of his invention and it sold over a million by 1915. The machine for manufacturing paper bag was invented by one American Francis Wolle (1817-1893) in 1852. He was a botanist, born (17 December 1817) in a place Jacobsburg, near Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Shopping bags have become an accessory for lifestyle; each bag defines ones style and personality. Each kind of shopping bag favors different outfit and occasion to go with. People consider having a collection of shopping bags to go along with their different outfits and make an exclusive style statement each time they step out like shopping, clubbing, casual outings, office, etc. Shopping bags may have different types of embellishments, trimmings, detailing, etc as per their requirement to enhance the visual appeal and compliment the look you wish to represent.

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