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'Hieroglyphics' the ancient Egyptian scripture has revealed that fragrance played a vital role in the lives of early Egyptians in around 3500 and 3000 B.C. Burning incense and sweet herbs in ancient times was the exclusive privilege of priests in the earliest civilizations. Thus the word 'Perfume' came from the Latin word per fumum or through smoke (of ceremonial burning). When the priests gradually relinquished their exclusive right to use perfume, the common people were ordered for using perfume to mask the stench of their unwashed body at least once a week. This system paved the way for Roam and Greek bath houses.

When Cleopatra went to meet Roman General Mark Anthony her arrival was announced by the fragrance of pungent perfumes, before her barge was in sight. The Roman used to use perfumes many times in a day. Perfumes were applied to the feathers of the birds so that they dispense fragrance during the feast. Household objects and pets were also perfumed.

All fragrances can be classified under certain family groups such as Floral, Spicy, Fresh, Woody, etc. People tend prefer one certain family of smell that stimulates their own olfactory receptors or sense of smell. When a man/ woman wants to change own brand of perfume or if you want to gift someone a perfume it is wise and a good idea to know which brand he/ she presently use and prefer. This will lead you to know which family of smell (like floral or spicy, etc) he/ she prefer.

Rediff Shop Online has numerous collections of Mens perfume. They offer a complete range to pick the right fragrance to every man as per own distinct taste, characters and natures and make him feel comfortable, confident.

Browse through the Rediff Shop for the complete list of perfumes for men. Read and learn everything from the complete specification of each perfume and watch for amazing discounted price offer. Enjoy convenient EMI payment options. Some of the popular top selling items at Rediff Shop are mentioned here for your convenience.

Men's Perfumes (total 1951 items)
Paco Rabanne Xs Homme Men's 100ml Perfume, LALIQUE LE PARFUM EDP (W) 100ML, Lacoste 12.12 Rouge Red (m) 100ml, YSL Kouros Men's 100ml Perfume, HUGO BOSS ORANGE (M) 100ML, CAROLINA HERRERA 212 GLAM (W) 60ML, D&G 3 L'IMPERATRICE (W) 100ML, RALPH LAUREN POLO (GREEN) (M) 125ML, GUCCI GUILTY INTENSE (W) 75ML, CREED GREEN IRISH TWEED (M) 120ML, Giorgio Armani Acqua Di GIO Pour Homme size 3.4, Christian Dior Eau Sauvage EDT Spray for Men ( 100 ml).
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