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The word Pendant literally means something suspended from something else, especially some ornament or piece of jewellery attached to a necklace. The Latin word Pendere or French Pendre means to hang down. Pendant jewelry is an amazing way to look fantastic, without having to spend a fortune. Just remember that Rediff Shop's cheap pendant jewelry is cheap in price, not in quality.

Women who consider themselves to be fashion forward will love this Pendant collection. Be bold and artistic, wear pendant.

The Pharaohs in ancient Egypt used to wear Scarab Beetle pendants to symbolize their power and wealth. Pendant is one of the earliest bodily adornments which are worn for several functions that may be combined as, Ornamentation, Award, Identification, Ostentation, Protection as per religious beliefs, Self-affirmation with names or initials.

Choose from Rediff Shop's wide selection of 519 designs in a wide variety of styles to suit your every occasion or mood. Visit the website at shopping Rediff.comit is a stylish, vibrant, and completely secured website where your shopping is light on your pocket and all of your favorite brands of pendants come to you in a fast, simple and easy way. They make every effort to build an enduring relationship with customers by proper understanding of every individual's need.

Rediff Online Computer Store offers great diversity of choice, maintains regular upgrading of inventory and prices and deliver at consumer's most convenient term. Rediff has a beautiful collection of pendants from all the leading manufacturers that include, Oleva Erona, Oleva, Jagdamba, Vendee Fashion and many more.

Oleva Erona Pendants (35 items)
Garden Princess Pendant Set & Queen's Beauty Bracelet Combo, Timeless Diva Pendant Set & Royal Touch Combo OE-CS-035, Pearl Diva Pendant Set & Queen's Beauty Bracelet Combo Oe-cs-022, Elegant Princess Pendant Set & Royal Touch Bracelet Combo Oe-cs-032,Classic Pearl Eiffel Pendant Set & First Love Wave Bracelet, Classic Pearl Eiffel Pendant Set & Royal Touch Bracelet Combo Oe-cs-030.

Oleva Pendants (8 items)
Ad Pendent Set With Free Double String Pearl Watch Ord 3, Ad Pendent Set With Free Single String Pearl Watch Ord11, Red Set of Gemstone Pendant & Clutch Bag ORD14, Set of 2 Pendant & Gemstone Combo ORD1, Set of 2 Pendant & Gemstone Combo ORD1, AD Pendent Set with FREE Double String Pearl Watch ORD5.

Jagdamba Pendants (4 items)
Jpearls Diamond Heart Pendent, Pearls Diamond Star Pendant

Other Pendants:
ANTIC JEWELLERY WITH A WORK OF MEENAKARI & GOLD, Dazzling Golden Jewellery Set, Mother Of Pearl Star Pendant, Art India Elephant Antique Oxidize Finish Pendant, Art India Floral Shah Antique Oxidize Finish Pendant, REVOLUTIONARY JEWELLERY WITH MEENAKARI & CZ.
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