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The main purpose of a battery charger is to recharge batteries. When looking for a

mobile battery charger

that will work best for you, it is important to find one that matches your individual needs. Consider the type of battery you want to rechargelithium or Alkaline or any other, its size, ideal charging speed, battery life.


mobile chargers

serve one chemistry only, Use the correct charger for the battery chemistry. The voltage must match the charger. A larger battery will take longer to charge than a smaller one and vice versa. Always remember more amperage of the charger is synonymous with lesser charging time. But sometime they are limited to the speed of battery recharging.

Correct charge termination and correct disconnects of charging prolong battery life. It is better to have a mobile charger that has a temperature override to disconnect the charging of a malfunctioning battery. Check the temperature of the charger and battery while charging.

A Li-ion charger provides no trickle charge, a nickel-based charger should have a trickle charger NiMH and a lead acid charger should switch to a lower voltage. Turn your portable off while charging. A scrounging load confuses the charger. Some chargers are called Slow Chargers or Overnight Charger and a fixed charge of about 1/10th of the rated capacity as long as the battery is connected for charging. Fast Chargers are mostly used for commercial purposes and Rapid Chargers falls between these two.

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