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Staying Connected with Cable Accessories!

Todays world is an ever changing, fast paced one. Hence, we need to be updated and connected. With variety of gadgets available in market, it is a good idea if they can be attached to any kind of extensions, USB ports, DVDs, iPods, hard disks and pen drives, wherever the need be! Thus, one can always remain connected to the home theatre through an extensive range of audio switch hubs, TV cables, AV Selector cables etc.

Making this thought a reality, the market today stands flooded with plethora of accessories and numerous cables! They can be used ubiquitously with a wide range of Home Theatre Systems. Audio Switch Selector Hubs, Universal Plug Adaptors and Fiber Optic Cables are few of the many options that one can choose on shopping.rediff.com. Unique designs, long-lasting durability and other eco-friendly features, make them a must buy product.

Below INR 100: Below 100 sounds a tad too unbelievable and irresistible? Yes, its true and you read it right! Thats the cheapest and the best range of Audio Switch Selectors from our range of low cost cables accessories for Home Theatres. But do not get flustered for compromise on quality. Easy connectivity with three audio as well as video devices via 1 TV and 1 audio visual source is a distinct feature of this range. Besides, it connects perfectly well with all kinds of computer game consoles, DVDs and Camcorders within no time.

Between INR 200 - INR 500: Going up a bit up the price ladder, one can come across 2.1 RCA male to 3.5 mm stereo female audio cable, Stereo Audio Extension Cable etc. Convenient pen drive connectivity to old speakers and USB ports, headphones as well as earphones in no time are some of the features that make this range worth buying. Also, high quality mesh used for prevention from bends, heat and water add additional feathers to its cap.

Between INR 600-INR 1000: The latest pieces of technological genius can be discovered with awe-inspiring thought within this classification. Surrounded by compact design, light weight feel and safety shutter as a major advantage, this range simply charms all with its exquisite elements. Free shipping and Cash On Delivery (COD) act as yet another major draw for these cables accessories for home theatre!

Living life on the go is the norm these days. Better still, if it gets coupled with some cool gizmos and their even cooler accessories worth flaunting. So go ahead and induce a cheerful spark in your life with these fancy yet sturdy trappings from Shopping.rediff.com!
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