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Oh they have finally invaded our lives! No, we are not talking about aliens, but the coolest technological wonders mobile phones! With the mobile penetration growing at a sky rocketing speed, our lives have been accustomed to constant beeping of the cell phones, text messages, social networking sites and what not! This is the modern era and one cannot do without a cell phone!

However, today they have become more like a status quo and we know you only seek out for the best! So here we come with amazing Lenovo products! These are not only convenient devices to make your life easier but also have a stylish appearance to add up to your persona! Here we go with the best choices you can make with Lenovo:

Easy to handle mobile phones! Enhance your life with the myriad of Lenovo smart phones that we offer you here at shopping.rediff.com! They provide you with everything multi core processors, latest apps, cool games and what not! You can pick up the Lenovo S560 which can be bought within the price range of Rs 9, 100 Rs 9,400! There is also the Lenovo A800 which comes within the the affordable price range of Rs 11,000 Rs 11,500!

Portable Tablets! With advanced technology and latest features, these tablets from Lenovo are sure to offer you an irresistible deal! They can be your companion in long journeys due to their easy portability and long durability. We offer Lenovo Tablet A1000, Lenovo Idea S2110 Tablet 10.1-inch 16 GB Tablet, Lenovo Ideapad Tablet A2107 and many more to choose from! To top it all, some of them also come with the cool facility of EMI and Free Shipping!

Convenient Laptops! Talk about business trips, home entertainment or long expeditions, Lenovo laptops are the most preferable option! They are well equipped with latest processors, in store tools, a good battery life and a smooth keyboard! We have a plethora of options for you, like the Lenovo Ideapad Z500 ( for Rs 49,000 Rs 50, 000), Lenovo Essential G580 (Rs 36, 000 Rs 37, 000) etc!

Apart from this we also have laptop accesories such lenovo batteries and lenovo keyboards,