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Buying a camera is not an easy thing to do. There are many types, sizes, ranges, features and prices, unless you know your exact need, budget, your photographing ability and willingness learn, you will end up disappointed with your purchase. There is no specification that tells you which camera is best for you. There are a few questions that should have been answered before making any selection. They are: (a) Why you need the camera; (b) In which conditions and types you will be most likely to take the photographs, for example indoor, outdoor, bright or lowlight, portrait, sports, landscape, wildlife, etc.; (c) Your experience level with the camera; (d) Size and portability; & (e) Your budget.

Resolutions are generally referred as megapixels. It is the number that tells you how many picture dots (picture elements or pixels) the camera uses to produce a picture. A camera with 5 megapixels is quite good enough for average photographers. In fact upper end above 14 megapixels can actually be a disadvantage. Because, very few photographers seldom need huge images.

Moreover, photos with higher pixels take up enormous space in the memory. You should rather look for the quality of the image sensor of the camera you are considering: it is more important in reproducing the images you are going to capture. The image sensor is the device that converts an optical image into an electronic signal. Two types of image sensors are found in the digital cameras, CCD or Charge-Coupled Device and CMOS or Complementary MetalOxideSemiconductor active pixel sensors. Also learn about the two important specifications related to lenses: aperture and focal length.

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