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Rediff Shop & Gift > Personal Care & Beauty > Personal Care, Hygiene > Invigra Diva Intimate Wash(woman Hygiene Wash)
Buy Invigra Diva Intimate Wash(woman Hygiene Wash) online
Invigra Diva Intimate Wash(woman Hygiene Wash)
Invigra Diva Intimate Wash(woman Hygiene Wash)
Invigra Diva Intimate Wash(woman Hygiene Wash)

Buy Invigra Diva Intimate Wash(woman Hygiene Wash) online

Invigra Diva Intimate Wash(woman Hygiene Wash)

invigra condoms, HYDERABAD has been on rediff shopping since 2016 with product in multiple categories like Home Medical supplies, Men, Personal Care, Hygiene,
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Product Description 
Product Features

InvigraDiva Intimate Hygiene Wash

A Diva must bestrong and independent inside and out .Thedaily use of Invigra Diva Ensures thesame! Daily use of Invigra Diva leaves you with a fresh feeling and helpsmaintain healthy vaginal flora. It prevents unpleasant odour & irritationsof the intimate skin. Invigra Diva contains ingredients like sea buckthorn oilwhich is a great natural cleanser. This oil is rich in vitamins A, C and E andNutrients like carotenoids, etc. Tea tree oil helps treat vaginal infections bykilling bacteria and fungus and reducing allergic skin reactions.

Why Invigra Diva?

Intimate wash gently cleanses and refreshes.Prevents odour and irritation. Women should use an intimate wash, duringpregnancy, due to hormonal changes, the intimate area is prone to excessivevaginal discharge, irritation, and itching which increases discomfort.Pregnancy hormones cause acidic changes in the vaginal area. To maintain theacidic ph balance of the intimate area, it is essential to include an intimatewash in your personal hygiene routine. Maintaining vaginal hygiene is animportant task for women during and after pregnancy. InvigraDiva helps cleanse away odor causing bacteria from the vaginal area, Both Gynecologists and Dermatologists Recommend Invigra DivapH-balanced Feminine Wash for Everyday Use. It Is Soap Free, Alcohol Free andHypoallergenic. Using soap to wash your intimate area is not recommended as itdisrupts the natural vaginal flora, which will, in turn, allow the harmfulbacteria to grow rapidly. The pH level of your skin is 5.5 whereas your vaginalpH level is between 3.8 and 4.5, so using soap will change the pH level of thevagina. Washing your intimate area with only hot water is suggested by thedoctor but if you think that you need a moisturizing, hygienic cleansing agent,try Invigra Diva intimate wash.


1.Diva promises topamper you with the most exotic elements from mother nature.

2.Preventing unpleasantodours & irritation in the intimate areas

3.Diva Wash is enrichedwith sea buckthorns oil which contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals,antioxidants &amino acids

4.Daily washing withDiva leaves a fresh sensation & maintains healthy vaginal flora

5.So now with unique pHbalance is formula pH3.5

When to Use?

Hygiene is a daily routine and so is yourIntimate hygiene routine with Invigra Diva. This V-wash is a hygienic solutionfor most intimate skin with real exotic oils and purifiers. It can be useddaily while taking a bath as well as after urination.

This Moisturizing intimate wash for women leavesyou feeling comfortable & fresh all day long.Offering a deliciate floralscent,you are left with a feeling of feminine confidence after each usage. Itis safer to be used during menstruation/periods & even during pregnancy.

How to Use?

Gently Squeezing the bottle to pour fewdrops onto your palm and gently massaging the external area of your vagina.


Pour a smallamount Invigra Diva on your hand and apply it on your externalintimatearea (area aroundvagina) rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry as usual.This is a naturalproduct with No harmful chemicals.

In the Box
pH balance 3.5
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